Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Descendence: TOMORROW AUGUST 1ST ONLY Descendence The Island of Alter Kindle Edition will be available for FREE!

Just a very quick blog post today. Getting right into it, in order to celebrate a special birthday of yours truly, Descendence The Island of Alter Kindle E-Book Edition will be available for FREE for TOMORROW ONLY.

If you've been thinking about buying the book but haven't thought it worth it or haven't gotten around to it, have no fear, because now you can purchase Island of Alter tomorrow with no consequence due to it being free for ONE DAY ONLY.

Even though birthdays are usually the time to receive some form of a gift, I feel like giving this year. Descendence The Island of Alter's Kindle E-Book Edition will be available for free only for tomorrow, so you have limited time to snatch up this sweet deal!

Thank you, everyone, once again for the support so far, and I hope if you manage to purchase one of the limited time free copies, you'll enjoy the adventure as much as I did creating it.

UK Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FLGR9QZ
US Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FLGR9QZ

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Descendence The Island of Alter - Release and Future

So if you didn't know already, on July 15th, Descendence The Island of Alter was finally released in both E-Book and Paperback form on Amazon! What started as a long road filled with doubt and paranoia finally resulted in a dream continuing, and one that from now on can only continue to flourish from here!

If you haven't checked it out already, I, of course, would recommend you give the book a try. Even if you're not into this type of story, then I would appreciate even more if you recommended it to someone who may enjoy Descendence. The aim at the end of the day is to provide something entertaining to someone who would enjoy a story such as this, so if you know anyone, just dropping the notion by them means the world to me, whether you buy the story or not.

UK Edition - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1717764657
US Edition - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1717764657

I've worked endlessly and tirelessly to make sure Island of Alter is the best it can be, and it's something I aim to continue to do throughout the duration of the series.

But now at the same time in this post, I want to talk about the future.

Now I can't go into specifics, with Island of Alter just coming out, I think it's wise to not open the floodgates per say as to what is coming next, but in time I'll eventually reveal some things that are happening, I can at least talk about a few things without giving stuff away.

First off, Island of Alter isn't the end of the story of Descendence. There are still way more stories to tell, way more places to go, way more characters to meet and way more dangers to overcome. As for what I mean by that, I can't say, and I won't say for a while. When things are ready to be announced, I'll announce them.

Secondly, recently I've been trying my best to get some official artwork for the series. I may have just narrowed down a sweet deal to get some amazing art created to represent the series. If everything goes according to plan, very soon you may see some character art and concept art for both The Catalyst Challenge and The Island of Alter. This obviously includes things such as designs for Edge and Crystal and many other characters.
Another note regarding art. The front covers for Descendence are created by myself, using very limited assets. My true vision for the front covers is to always have two or more characters from the series appearing on the front of each book. In the case of Catalyst Challenge, I wanted Edge and Crystal on the front cover, and for Island of Alter, I wanted Edge and Lunar on the front cover.
Hopefully, if things go in our favour and art does start getting created for the series, I'll be re-releasing Catalyst Challenge and Island of Alter with brand new covers featuring the characters.

There are still plenty of ideas I have and am discussing to make Descendence even bigger and better, official artwork is only the beginning.

There are other ideas I have, but I don't want to discuss them in case they don't happen. Right now, the future of the series itself and art is something I can close to guarantee to happen in future.

Again I would appreciate it so much if you bought Island of Alter, and if not that, recommended it to a friend of yours who you think would love a story like this one. The long road to bringing Descendence back is finally over, and now the road to continuing the series begins.

The blog is going to go a weekly format of a post every Saturday, and I promise I will stick to that, especially if things go really well.

Thank you, everyone, for the support so far. You can buy Descendence The Island of Alter on Amazon right now in Paperback for £7.99, well worth the price I assure you! Or if you're an E-Book reader you can buy Island of Alter for £1.99, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can buy Descendence for absolutely FREE.

Thank you guys so much again for all the support, and I'll talk soon on Saturday!

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Descendence The Island of Alter - Releasing (Hopefully) Tomorrow!

After everything that's happened, after being conned, giving up, re-planning and re-wording, Descendence The Island of Alter will release (hopefully) tomorrow as planned.

It's been a long and difficult road, but I have a feeling it's all been worth it.

A year ago I almost published the original version of Island of Alter, and I'm so glad I didn't. Two big reasons why.

First of all, the publishers. They were, to put it nicely, not very promising when it came to their promises. Secondly, the original version of the story I believe pales in comparison to what the story is now.
The story was a lot more focused on exploring a completely different location, barely expanding on the world of Aragor. It didn't really put the new characters like Lunar and John into the story much either, they were always just sort of there. The story was also a lot more to the point, there weren't many attempts at trying to implement plot twists etc. I just hope that with this new and improved version, I hope it'll entertain anyone who purchases it.

Seriously, if you don't even like this story, at least I'll know it could have been worse had I released the original.

It's all looking up from here though. With the release of Island of Alter, and the completion of it in fact, I realise now that from here on out, I have nothing stopping me from writing new content for the series. Every time I finished either Catalyst Challenge or Island of Alter, there was always something that drew me right back to them, there was always something wrong.
Now I find myself in a place where I'm happy with where both stories are, a place where I don't need to change the path I made for the world and the characters in the story.
From here on out, it's new adventures for the cast of Descendence.

Truth be told, I'm not quite sure how far I want to go next. I still want to continue the series, but I have some other ideas for other stories taking place in the world of Descendence too. I think the rest of July is going to be spent figuring out exactly what will come next. I already have tons of ideas for where the series can go, or even go back to nudge nudge wink wink.

With Island of Alter finally releasing hopefully tomorrow (It takes Amazon to about 72 hours to publish fully), I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I've been working on this for months, even pushing aside a lot of other things just to get it done. But I wanted to make sure I got it right, and I think I've got it better than right now.

The support on the blog, on the books, on the trailer too, has been incredible.

It's sure going to feel weird not waking up in the morning and thinking about what I could change about Island of Alter.

But it's even more exciting to now have the feeling of waking up in the morning and going: 'Okay, where do we go next?'

Descendence The Island of Alter will release in Paperback and Kindle E-Book form hopefully tomorrow, I'll make another post to confirm whether or not it has.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Descendence The Island of Alter - Small Release Update

This is going to be different from most blog posts. I felt the need to update everyone on the state of Island of Alter, because as I've said in previous blog posts, June is the big month, the month where Island of Alter releases.

I want to make one thing clear from the get-go, there is a possibility, that Island of Alter might get a small delay. Now when I say a small delay, I mean a SMALL DELAY.

It won't be delayed by months, it won't even be delayed by weeks. Right now my mindset is that I want this book to be perfect. It's come so far from the original draft, it's better than I could have ever hoped it to be, and this time when I finished writing it, I believed I had made something that exceeded the first book.

At the same time, this series means the world to me. This is my creation, something that I thought about constantly through school and college. This is all a story I've wanted to tell for eight years now, a story that a lot of people who knew me, didn't know about until I announced it out of the blue.
The Catalyst Challenge, hasn't been as smooth of a road that I wanted it to be, and it's still a bit bumpy. That's why I want to make sure that when I finally deliver Island of Alter, it is the best it can possibly be. If that means I need to hold onto it a little longer and make sure in my eyes it's as close to perfect as I can get it, then I'll take that chance to make sure this story is told the way I intended.

One thing I should say is well, the book is ready to be released as of this moment. It's all written, all edited through multiple times, checked over and over. I could release it right now if I wanted to.

But I want to make sure the next chapter in Edge's journey is what I want it to be. This time around, after everything that happened before with the first book, I'm not taking any chances or rushing through this. Part of me still needs to work on holding back a bit, which after the release of this book, things will slow down for me in terms of announcing things.

Again this whole delay talk is a possibility, not for certain.

Right now, I'm working on a trailer for Island of Alter, using animation the whole nine yards to convey what the words on the pages are showing you. That trailer will also announce the release date of the book, and it'll be coming very soon.

I'm really looking forward to showing you the trailer and putting an image onto the story I've been writing. If you're disappointed that there may be a delay, don't be, because I really think if it comes to that, it'll be worth it when the book releases.

I'm incredibly grateful for the support I've been getting so far on this, it's meant the world to me, and even though I haven't quite kept to the whole blog posts, which I regret a lot, I'm making sure this book is the best it can be to make up for that. It's going to be one hell of a journey, I promise.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Descendence The Island of Alter - The Aftermath of The Catalyst Challenge

In the last blog post, I covered the subject of the outside world of Aragor, reacting to the event known as the Catalyst Challenge. I covered the Civilian, Human Legion, and High Council reactions, and the actions they took after the barrier sealed one hundred thousand humans away from the world. 

The Catalyst Challenge lasted for four hundred and seven days, just over a year and one month, and when the barrier finally was banished after the defeat of the High Lord, Catalyst Hinoros, you'd expect that everyone inside was now free, right? Well...not exactly. 

This blog post is going to cover the reactions of those both inside and outside the Catalyst Challenge, and how the next few months played out after the Challenge was finally completed. 

Civilian Reaction:
On the outside, world spread like wildfire that the Catalyst Barrier had suddenly vanished. Civilians who had formerly lived in the city, those who still had family inside, the vast majority gathered their belongings and began their journeys back home. Others from the neighboring towns were eager to see the state of the city of Convexity itself. Some thought the city may be empty, some expected to find the humans that had lived there barely alive. 

On the inside, some compared it to the first day of the Challenge. Despite the act of freedom, the city turned into mass panic as people scrambled to escape the city. While there were those who were relieved that they were now free, they were so used to the city that had grown accustomed to, to the lifestyle they had found while trapped, quite a majority simply continued their daily lives, now having knowledge that they could leave. Everyone else swept out into the outside, to breath the true fresh air once more. Some tried to escape to other towns and cities...but they didn't get far. 

Human Legion Response:
The Human Legion had previously set up a perimeter around the city. Two miles from the city there were a variety of guarded checkpoints and patrols. When the barrier fell, the Human Legion straight away began to move in. They had one order, no matter what circumstance, no one was allowed in or out of the city. If there were survivors they were instructed to keep them contained in case of infection, no one truly knew what happened inside that barrier, and no one was allowed to leave until they knew. The Legion even turned their weapons on their own soldiers who had fought for freedom.

As the weeks passed, the Legion was tasked with questioning every survivor in the city, trying to uncover the true story of what happened during the Catalyst Challenge. 

On the inside, the Human Legion once again felt useless. They tried to reason with their own men on the outside, but they were the first to be questioned. As soon as they were questioned they were ordered to keep the city contained, to keep the people aware of what was going on. Many rejected this idea, laying down their arms and standing with the civilians, demanding freedom. In the end though, normal working conditions were reinstated, and the Human Legion was once again in the state it was before the Challenge, part of a bigger army. But no one would forget the bravery of those soldiers who fought for freedom.

The High Council:
The High Council, of course, were the ones who ordered the city to be contained. Originally they wanted to keep it that way, but then that would send a bad message to the people and the world. They didn't want to be seen as another form of Catalyst. 

As the Legion uncovered key figures within the Catalyst Challenge, the High Council took it upon themselves to personally question those who were heavily involved. This included Ray Harvesnar, the founder of the Freedom Fighter Group, RayCorp. After one questioning, and pages of notes on the group Ray had formed, the Council ordered his group to cease all activity. RayCorp was disbanded, the High Council looking at them as a one shot wonder mercenary group. Given that the name Harvesnar in the world of Alter isn't looked too highly upon...well, that's a story for another time, maybe we'll even touch on that in Island of Alter. 

It was three months before Convexity finally gained true freedom. Even then, from shadows, The High Council continues to manipulate the state of the city, keeping a watchful eye for any strange activity. 

In the case of Edge Marvik, he has yet to be questioned. Ray knew after being questioned himself that the High Council would take any excuse to ruin the lives of those who had fought for freedom. As soon as the Challenge ended, Ray made sure to erase all traces of many names he had fought closely alongside, including Edge, Crystal Inos, Alex Talos and Cinos Beckett...

But that, and the stories of those characters and what they've been doing since the end of the Catalyst Challenge, I think is best saved for Wednesday's Blog Post. 

The subject of the aftermath is covered in quite some detail in Island of Alter, which is why this blog post might not answer every question you have, the book will make things very clear on the state of the city and the measures people have taken since becoming 'free.' 

On Wednesday as I said above, we'll be looking at what Ray Harvesnar, Alex Talos, and Cinos Beckett have been up to since the end of the Catalyst Challenge, there will be a few other characters we'll touch on too. 

We're getting ever closer to the release of Island of Alter. Right now I'm personally putting together an animated trailer, which will reveal the release date of the novel. I'm very excited to share it with you all very soon. 

If you'd like to support the series, you can buy Descendence The Catalyst Challenge right now on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk depending on your location! Thank you so much for all the support so far with the blog, it really means a lot!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Descendence The Island of Alter - How The World Reacted To The Catalyst Challenge

In Descendence The Island of Alter, the subject of how the world reacted during the events of the first book will be addressed. Of course, I want people to know how the outside world of Aragor works, as throughout the series it will be explored in its entirety, but at the same time, there's only so much I think can be said without making it shadow the plot of Island of Alter.

Therefore in this blog post, I'll be going into detail about how the outside world reacted to The Catalyst Challenge. I'll be separating this into sections. Civilian, Human Legion, and The High Council's reactions to the event.

Civilian Reaction:
Just as the beginning of the Challenge created mass panic inside the city of Convexity, the same happened on the outside. A mixture of panic and confusion. The Catalyst Announcement had been televised to the whole world, meaning everyone saw the moment High Lord Catalyst Hinoros announced a betrayal to the Human Race.

Straight away civilians wanted answers. Why had the Catalysts done this? What exactly was happening in Convexity right now? The most terrifying question for them, however, was if they were in harm's way also? The Catalysts had widespread influence over the entire world of Aragor, and many left their home cities just in case the scenario tried to keep them imprisoned.

As for the civilians who were now trapped on the outside of Convexity, those who formerly lived there, they were at a loss for what to do also. Many who had been outside of the city limits that day had returned only to see this strange matter surrounding their home. Friends and families were separated, but the world was yet to come. Many at the time did not know how dangerous the Catalyst Barrier was. Many Humans on the inside died within the first few hours, curious about what the barrier was. A known around two hundred civilians lost their lives on the outside of the city, due to laying their hands on the barrier.

As the months turned towards a year, other influences outside of civilian control would shape their view on the scenario. After all, while the people inside were pawns of the Catalysts now, the outside world was still that of a pawn to the High Council. 

Human Legion Response:
While on the inside, the Human Legion seemed to vanish in an instant, on the outside, they were still regarded as the strongest army in the land. As soon as the barrier was sealed around the city, the Human Legion were on the scene within the next hour. After witnessing multiple personal deaths of their own men, and civilians also, the Legion constructed a two-mile perimeter around the city. No one would be allowed near the city, not even the Legion themselves, they too were bound to the new law they had created.

Soldiers who had lived in Convexity, and were lucky enough to be on the outside, were drafted to new cities, given new lives, being told to forget their old one. It was as if the Human Legion had no interest in trying to access the city, to try and find a way past the barrier. Little did everyone know that in secret, the High Council had given the Human Legion a private mission, not known to any normal Human.

The Legion was sent out to try and trace any remaining Catalysts, as well as try to locate the known but never before seen Catalyst Labs, scattered throughout Aragor. But no matter how hard they searched, no matter how peacefully or violently, no matter night nor day, no Catalyst was found, and neither were any of the secret Laboratories the Catalysts had built. The Human Legion could do nothing, but hope on the inside their comrades, were fighting strongly for freedom.

The High Council's Plan:
The High Council of Aragor is made up of nine representatives, one from each major city. They all reside in the Southern Capital City of Vania. Upon hearing of the announced of the Catalyst Challenge, the High Council called upon their Convexity Member to explain the situation, of course, the council member had no idea that the event was going to take place. The following day, after a discussion, the representative for Convexity was never seen in the chamber again.

The High Council are the ones who sent the Legion to the scene, sent them to try and track down any remaining Catalysts and locate the Cataly Laboratories, all of this was done to no avail, which further frustrated all members. With civilians asking for answers, and the Legion lost on what to do, the Council made a choice they knew they would not regret.

They saw Convexity and everyone inside as a failure. They saw them as a mistake that had to be forgotten. For the next year, they slowly manipulated the world to forget about Convexity, to forget about the one hundred thousand Humans still trapped on the inside. Of course, it was harder to manipulate those close to the city, but it started to work. Humans soon went on with their daily lives, and to the Council, that was another victory in their long line of snide dealings with the way the world operated.

That was until the Catalyst Challenge ended...but we'll get to that on Saturday. 

I would explain more, and tell you how the world reacted when the barrier fell, but that in itself is quite a long post, and I think best saved for next time. I love my cliffhangers.

Thank you so much for reading. We're into June now, the release month of Descendence The Island of Alter, but we still have a little way yet before we reach that date! 

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Descendence The Island of Alter: New Characters Join The Journey

In Descendence The Catalyst Challenge, the world introduced a cast of characters, Edge Marvik, Crystal Inos, Cinos Beckett, Ray Harvesnar to name just a few. Now, in Descendence The Island of Alter, we're going to meet new faces alongside these old ones. Today's blog post is going to go through the biggest major new characters that will make their debut in Descendence The Island of Alter.

Name: Lunar Marvik
Age: 20 
Gender: Female
Brief: Younger sister of Edge Marvik, aspiring swordsman teacher. 

Bio: Lunar Marvik is the younger sister of Edge Marvik, by two years. In The Catalyst Challenge, she was briefly heard from at the beginning, before she would venture outside of the city participating on a school trip as part of her training course. What followed was the event known as the Catalyst Challenge, and Lunar was left distraught, not being able to return to her home, and not being able to see if her brother was okay. 

Despite her rocky relationship with her brother in the past, Lunar cares for him deeply, and when she returns to the city after the events of The Catalyst Challenge, she creates a deep bond with Edge's allies from the first story during his time in a coma. When Edge finally wakes up, healing from his injuries, Lunar makes it her sole mission to abandon her current aims of becoming a teacher, and helping her brother heal and get back on his feet. 

While Lunar is very gifted in the art of the blade, she has no real experience using them in the outside world. Many swordsmen trainers are known for having careers in hunting, or even being a part of the Human Legion Army itself, but Lunar is a rare exception to those who can teach you exactly how to master the way of the sword. 

In The Island of Alter, Edge invites Lunar to aid him in his journey towards the Island of Alter. On the way, she'll encounter an old friend, learn more about her brother's past during the Challenge, and learn exactly how it feels to use a sword against those would do harm.

Name: John Alder
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Brief: Citizen of the Town of Convax. 

Bio: John Alder is regarded as not only Lunar's best student but her best friend too. He was there for her when no one else was during the Challenge. When Lunar expressed her desire to become a teacher, John willingly became her first student and did whatever he could to further her dreams.

John himself, is an orphan, rasing in the city of Galder, east of Convexity. Though John was offered multiple foster family opportunities throughout his time at the orphanage, he never accepted one of them. He saw his abandonment as a sign that he was supposed to make it through his life by his own choices. When he was old enough, he left the busy undercity of Galder and moved to the quiet peaceful town of Convax.

Since then, John has managed to make a stable living as a delivery boy of sorts. He has traveled through the Western Lands of Aragor many times, collecting who knows how many letters and parcels. No one knows the West like John. 

In the Island of Alter, John will join Edge and Lunar's journey to the island. John will discover like Lunar what its like to raise a blade to an enemy, and along the way, he may finally be able to confess how he feels about Lunar, someone he hasn't seen for six months. 

Name: Cortex Cass
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Brief: Vice President of the I-T-C (Inos Trading Company.)

Bio: Cortex Cass is quite a mystery. Not much is known about his early life, only that he performed remarkably high during his education. Some say he both attended school and was homeschooled, doubling his intellect in any way he could. As soon as he left education, he seems to have vanished for a few years, before returning to the scene as the newly appointed Vice President of the I-T-C. 

The I-T-C are the Inos Trading Company, currently under the control of Gabriel Inos. The wealthy family would not be where they are today had it not been for this discovery into the world of trading. Though they suffered a setback during the Catalyst Challenge, due to their main warehouses being unable to deliver nor receive trade, they have managed to remain on top of the business. 

Cortex Cass has played a big part in them remaining on top, and he plans to continue that rise, hoping to become the CEO of the company. However, this company passes on its fortune by heirs. Cortex, despite being a close family friend to the Inos Family, can never truly be in control. But now, with the family's daughter, Crystal Inos, currently in a coma it seems she may never wake up from, the perfect opportunity has arisen. The Inos Family have given their blessing for Cortex to be married to their daughter, an arranged marriage. In the result of Crystal's death, Cortex will have the family name, and be given full control over the I-T-C. 

Although, even I can't help but wonder if that's the only reason he agreed to the concept of marriage. It's known in the past he was in a relationship with Crystal, but it's strange, no matter how far I dig into his history, there's a lot of blank spaces...

In The Island of Alter, I guess we'll discover more about this mysterious man, and what his true aims might be. 

That's today's blog post, a sneak peek at who will be joining the evergrowing cast of Descendence. In the future more characters will join the journey, but for now, Lunar, John and Cortex's story will begin. Thank you for reading today's post, I really appreciate it!

If you'd like to support the series, you can do so by buying the first book in the Descendence series, Descendence The Catalyst Challenge, on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. We're getting closer and closer to the release of Island of Alter!

The next blog will be on Saturday, starting the two-week blog schedule. Next week's post is going to be a detailed explanation on how the world outside of Convexity reacted to the event known as The Catalyst Challenge.